The loss of valuable family heirlooms, documents, or a folder with important projects can be very hard and cause us a lot of unpleasantness. Unfortunately, there are situations when important files disappear from a Pendrive, floppy disk, or hard drive. What should be done in such a situation and is there any chance to restore the data? There is some information about it below. We encourage you to read it!! 

Utrata danych - przyczyny

What could be the causes of data loss?​

  • Mechanical damage- this is nothing more than physical damage to the data carrier, flooding, crushing, and so on. Mechanical damage also includes worn disks. 
  • Logical failure- we are talking about a logical failure in the case of malicious software, so we are talking about viruses, software malfunction, power outages, accidental scanning or mistakenly deleting important files.. 

Odzyskiwanie danych

Lost data can be recovered, and in many cases, we can handle it ourselves. All you need to do is install the appropriate software.​

  • SSD disk- this type of media is characterized by fast data transfer and greater resistance to mechanical damage. In the case of failure or accidental deletion, the files are removed from the data carrier. The rescue is memory banks, from which we can recover data using appropriate programs. 
  • HDD disk- in the case of HDD disks, data is directed through special paths to the appropriate sectors and stored in free space. So after deleting the data, the sector doesn’t disappear, but it actually becomes a place for new data.However, deleted files are overwritten.

In the case of data loss, we have to make sure that new files don’t take the place of the deleted ones. To do this, you should disconnect the power supply, connect the drive to another device and use appropriate programs to recover lost files.  

Programy do odzyskiwania danych

What programs are recommended for data recovery? We can name a few such as: 

  • Recuva- it is one of the most popular free programs that allow you to recover data from a hard drive, but also from pen drives or memory cards. Replaced software must be installed on an undamaged disk.
  • Disk Drill- it is used to recover files up to 100MB and for creating backups..
  • Minitool Partition Recovery-it allows recovering different types of files as well as entire folders. The free version of this program allows you to recover files up to 1 GB in size. 

There are also other programs like TOKIWA Data Recovery, EaseUS Data Recovery and Ontrack EasyRecovery. 

O czym jeszcze pamiętać? 

  • First we have to memorize that before we recover lost data, we shouldn’t write new files on the disk. 
  • If the disk was mistakenly formatted, it is good to recover data from another computer, to which we connect that disk.
  • Once we do recover the data, we have to check if it is complete and then save it in a safe place.​

Pomoc specjalistów

However, if we don’t feel the strength to fight to recover valuable files, we can always ask for help from professional specialists in this field. These types of people are able to handle this problem even in very difficult situations and recover valuable files for us.  

odzyskiwanie danych


Deleting data does not always mean their complete loss. In many cases, it Is possible to recover missing files. We can use the software available on the Internet, but we can also use the help of specialists.

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