Opieka IT Wrocław

Opieka IT Wrocław​


  • Server configuration and maintenance
  • Server systems installation and configuration
  • Server security and update (firewall, antivirus)
  • User management
  • Programs (for example Subject, Optima, Insert) installation and update ​
  • Anti-virus software
  • Industry software


  • Wi-Fi and Internet activation in the company
  • Secure VPN connection
  • Firewall and UTM configuration ​
  • Network expansion, increasing the range of Wi-Fi​
  • VoIP exchange implementation​
  • Configuration of VoIP phones​
  • Implementation of helpline and voice announcements


  • Software implementation and activation
  • Software updates
  • Database archivization
  • Installation of certificates and electronic signatures 
  • Support and training for users in using the application


  • Data security and archivization​
  • Cyclic copies of device configurations
  • Laptops and computer disks encryption​
  • Business policy continuity preparation and testing 


  • Operating systems and software installation​
  • Data transfer between computers
  • Operating system and software update
  • Equipment upgrade ​
  • Anti-virus software
  • Documentation maintenance


  • Training users on the use of the application
  • Computer and laptops problems solving
  • Consultations in the range of using of applications and office devices



Opieka IT dla firm

Do you know that feeling when you are working on a very important project and your computer suddenly freezes out or just doesn’t work properly? Or when there are some network problems and no one has no idea how to solve them?

But what if I told you that there is a way to get rid of these kinds of problems? Our specialization is comprehensive IT care for companies. We are doing a wide range of services, from securing networks to repairing hardware.

We are an experienced and well-coordinated team, and our client’s needs are our biggest priority. We know all the problems that companies are facing every day- from system errors to various software problems, and we know exactly how to solve them. Our IT care covers a wide range of services, from regular inspections and updates to emergency interventions and repairs.

You will definitely feel the benefits of our cooperation after just a few first weeks. Thanks to us, your business will run smoothly and you will have more time to focus on developing your company and achieving your goals.



Taking care of an IT infrastructure is a key goal for any modern and thriving company, and our IT care offers a comprehensive solution that provides many benefits, which can help your company in increasing efficiency, security, and comfort at work. In addition, thanks to cooperating with a large number of establishments and computer hardware suppliers, we can remove a lot of informational problems, of course on exceptionally good terms!

Obsługujemy dużą ilość przedsiębiorstw, możemy państwu zaproponować bardzo korzystne warunki współpracy. Natomiast ciągła współpraca z największymi dostawcami sprzętu komputerowego oraz wiedza w tej dziedzinie, daje nam możliwość usunięcia większości problemów jakie mogą nękać naszych klientów.

Reduction of costs related to IT

Ensuring continuous availability of professional IT specialists

Access to cutting-edge IT tools and solutions

Planning an IT development strategy that suits business needs

Optimization of IT infrastructure for business needs

Ability to focus on crucial business

Guaranteed high-quality work of IT infrastructure

Consulting related to IT included in the price of our services

Regular reporting of our work on specific projects

Ability to search available specialists depending on your need at a specific moment

pomoc informatyczna

Opieka i pomoc informatyczna

Nowadays, almost every establishment needs a successful-functioning IT infrastructure, but a small number of people are able to maintain it in good condition on their own. That is exactly the kind of the companies that we offer our IT care. Our experience, knowledge, and commitment to our work, allow us to solve problems really quickly, as well as carry out regular inspections, which are preventing various failures.

Dzięki naszej pomocy klienci mogą skupić się na swoich podstawowych działaniach i rozwijaniu swojego biznesu, zamiast martwić się o technologię. Dzięki stałej opiece IT firmy mają możliwość monitorowania i utrzymywania ciągłej kontroli nad swoimi systemami informatycznymi, co pozwala na szybkie reagowanie w przypadku jakichkolwiek awarii czy problemów. 

Nasi klienci mają zapewnione stałe wsparcie i szybkie rozwiązanie problemów, co pozwala uniknąć utraty czasu i kosztów związanych z przestoje w pracy. Nie będziesz już musiał obawiać się, że coś przestanie działać, bo my mamy to pod kontrolą.

Our advantage is also flexibility- we will adapt to your every need and requirement because we don’t think that a ready-made solution will be right for your company, because every company establishment has its own needs, so we are going to suit your needs.



Do you struggle with system errors or software problems? Fill out the formulas and our expert will contact you.