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VPN is software that increases anonymity and the security of users. It is also a hindrance to hackers at the same time. What exactly is a VPN, how does it work, and what are the biggest advantages of it? There is some information about it below. We encourage you to read it!!

Czym jest VPN?

Let’s start by explaining what a VPN is. VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. As the designation already suggests, it is a virtual and private network, but what does actually mean? Everything is being done virtually- so it means that the connection to the discussed network is cable-free. This is not the end, the access is private and moderated, and it means that only specific people have it.

The network is created inside a specific company, the connection is secured and encrypted. People, who have access can connect to the VPN from anywhere in the world.

VPN - jak działa?

Basically, a VPN allows us to connect to the internet through a specially encrypted tunnel. There are three types of encryption, they are hashing, symmetric cryptography, and asymmetric cryptography. All these three solutions have both strengths and slight weaknesses.

How does this private network work?

All traffic is directed to one of the VPN servers-this is where the encryption takes place. Then the traffic is forwarded to the destined website. All this means that the service provider only sees the VPN server, so data such as the user’s location or IP address are hidden.

VPN - zalety

What exactly are the benefits of a VPN? We are going to explain it now!

  • A VPN makes and keeps users anonymous and their data protected.
  • The network makes it impossible to detect IP addresses.
  • Another advantage is securing public Wi-Fi hotspots, which are preferred by hackers.
  • Safe access to websites, platforms, and applications.​
  •  Some of the VPNs also block malicious advertisements and tracking components.
  • Pieces of information about downloaded, uploaded, and transmitted data are hidden.
  • It is also a difficulty for hackers.
  • Easy access to the global internet.
  • It is the way to pass internet censorship.
  • The ability to be able to connect to the network from anywhere you want- it is just crucial to inscribe your login details and it is done.

Plenty of advantages make companies enterprises of various sizes and business profiles decide to create a VPN network.


VPN software, which is a Virtual Private Network, creates a special and encrypted tuner on the internet. Thanks to this, the anonymity of users is bigger and better. Among other things, a VPN prevents the detection of IP addresses and provides very secure access to websites, applications, and platforms around the whole world.